Friday, May 20, 2011

Incoming Topics (what should I blog about next?)

So i've not had much time recently for various reasons and i apologize to those who were following avidly. I should however have some time very soon and wanted to give people the change to decide which topic i talk about... so go for it... comment away (these topics are for x86, x64 and xbox360 tho i cannot directly discuss xbox360 almost all code applies to all 3 targets)

  • Extending "Watch Window" Vizualization
  • Visual Studio debugger plugins
  • How to get YOUR object to construct first
  • Creating a "Premain" function that runs before global constructors
  • Suggestions?


angela said...

what about, how to love your project manager? :)

Andy Firth said...

we have to stay legal :D

Reggie said...

Something regarding parallel programming! :D